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Used in over 100 countries and in 11 langauges, SPT provides professional sports performance  data that helps teams and players around the world reach success and beat their performance goals. 

We decided to start using the SPT GPS tracking system to provide us with the means to efficiently plan better training sessions, manage injuries and give us an edge in game.

SPT provides those abilities with affordability and an analysis platform with no subscription necessary. Exactly what our program was looking for.

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soccer gps high school
Darren Bauer
Women's Head Coach
Liberty Hill

I have been using SPT for the past 3 years and it has been brilliant to support players and coaching staff alike in a multitude of areas. Development of sessions, managing workloads, and game analysis to name a few.

It’s a key decision-making tool as well as a motivator for the players. It assists the coaching staff to individually assess player performance and provide evidence-based feedback to the players, enhancing their development and engagement in themselves and also in the game.

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box hill united soccer
Jorge Leon
Women's Head Coach
Box Hill United

At Mount Ridley College we have 150 students involved in an Elite Sports Program that covers a range of sports (Netball, Basketball, Soccer, Aussie Rules and Rugby League). We have found using the SPT GPS trackers in class, trainings and game day matches a valuable tool when it comes to monitoring individual students and giving us the edge over our opponents.

Our Year 12 students have found the data collection invaluable for current units of work and it gives them instant data they can collect and work from – through live tracking on the app or quickly downloaded to individual performances.

On the sporting and training front, students are jumping up and down to wear the units, the tops are comfortable and they quickly forget they are wearing the units. We have just purchased the heart rate vests to integrate the units so we can continue tracking at a higher level and can’t wait to put them to the test.

From students to staff – they are a great tool in the classroom and on the field.

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School GPS Tracker
Hamish Pearce
Elite Sports Program Leader
Mount Ridley College
The Coburg Football Club have found the SPT product and associated programs to be a great asset to our club's High Performance program. The simplicity of the product provides great ease of use for our developing staff and players.
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Football GPS Tracker
Sebastian Spagnuolo
General Manager
Coburg Football Club

Using SPT GPS units has given us a huge advantage on our competition and they have played a big role in having our players ready to go this season.

The units have enabled us to train to a plan and not overwork or underwork certain players. The players are interested to know their key metric information and are always looking to train harder to achieve the teams ultimate goal in winning a premiership.

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footy gps tracker
Luke Tapscott
Head Coach
Sorrento Football Club

Working with SPT throughout the recent pre-season has been a fantastic way to help our players stay fit and return healthy from injury. The GPS units create a competitive edge and help all the players train with a competitive mindset.

The SPT team are happy to guide you in the right direction to assure players are training the right way. We look forward to increasing the number of trackers and hope to have every player tracked on game day when we return.

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football gps tracker
Paul Johnson
Football Manager
Balwyn Football Club