GameTraka Premium

Unlock premium reporting and analysis tools to take your team to the next level

Advanced Performance Technology

GameTraka Premium provides increased functionality to coaches and players, enabling deeper and more specific insights. There are 3 tiers to GameTraka Premium, each tier progressively providing
you access to more functionality.

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Premium Athlete Filters and Reports

Establish positional benchmarks and thresholds. Build reports tailored to positions within your squad. Reports can be used across multiple events or within a single event depending on what analysis you are undertaking.

CSV Data Export

Have the ability to export and display GameTraka data specific to your needs. Transport large amounts of data into your custom database. Gain access to all GameTraka metrics and have full control over your athletes data.

Raw Data Export SPT GPS

Advanced Performance Features

 Segment Filtering Controls

 Extended Event Tags

 Video Analysis Software Exports

Set Custom Velocity Thresholds

Unlock your true performance potential

GameTraka Premium has been designed so you can analyse your performances
from every angle.

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