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An Introduction and Overview of Custom Velocity Zones for GPS

As sub-elite, academy and amateur sporting clubs evolve, there is an ever increasing need to dive deeper into GPS and performance data. There are many avenues to explore, some with more merit than others. One such avenue is how high speed running affects performance and the subsequent injury risk associated...

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Streamlining Analysis Workflow with GameTraka 4 Sidebar Controls

GameTraka 4 boasts a significant number of features designed to make the user experience both efficient and engaging. A key component of the revamped feature list comes simple, guided controls aimed to help the user navigate, filter and select information that is part of their analysis. Quick Navigation: Home | Timeline...

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3 Key GT4 Enhancements to Maximise On-Field Experience

GameTraka users across the globe have already dived head first into the new 4.0 Software and are taking advantage of the valuable new features now available. Let's look at three key enhancements that have made big impacts for coaches and players.   1. Visual Display of Data for Quick Assessment...

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Introducing GameTraka 4 - A GPS Monitoring Platform Unlike Any Other

Sports Performance Tracking is excited to announce the launch of GameTraka 4. This software update is the culmination of the company’s vision to provide users with simple, powerful and affordable technology. The sporting landscape is constantly evolving and innovating with new technology and athlete monitoring tools. Both hardware and software...

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