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Lacrosse U.S. National Teams Partner with SPT

The U.S. National Team Program is adding Sports Performance Tracking (SPT) GPS technology to its toolkit to help train the nation’s premier lacrosse players. SPT becomes the official on-field performance tracking device for the U.S. national teams. “The U.S. National Teams Program decided upon the SPT technology for two simple...

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Coach’s Guide to Recovery and Wellness Surveys

As coaches, we focus on making training programs and practices to ensure that our athletes are in peak condition to perform successfully during competition. And, we often like to push the boundaries of our athlete’s level of physical capacities. But in doing so, are the athletes ready for the next...

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VAFA Teams Take Their 2019 Season To The Next Level

Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) teams are back on the footy field in April. VAFA clubs are heating up their pre season practice intensity in order to be in top notch condition for round 1. Teams such as Old Xavier, Old Scotch, Mazenod and many more utilise and level up...

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Game Demands of Womens Field Hockey

The fast-paced action of the FIH Pro League is happening right now. The International Hockey Federation (FIH) round-robin tournament of nine teams began in January and continues through June. The league serves as a qualifier for the Hockey World Cup and the Olympic Games. The sport requires heavy exercise and...

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