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GPS tracking is a pivotal tool for Lacrosse. Coaches and teams can now rely on the facts to see who’s working most efficiently and which players are fittest for the starting positions. SPT technology assesses player ability and tracks their work load throughout the season.

A winning solution for competitive teams

SPT GPS to analyse Work Rate, compare players and get an overview of group performance. View Heatmaps for a visual representation of how long players are spending in certain sections of the field and take note of actual game stats to gauge how rigorous practice sessions should be.

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Take the guessing out of a return-to-play program

Use SPT GPS to assist the rehabilitation process and reduce soft tissue injuries.  Simply factor in Total Distance to tailor training load that is gradual and manageable for the recovering players and ensure spikes of Intensity aren’t too drastic, too soon.

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Clear, useful data

We developed our GPS platform with players and coaches in mind, so our take on sports science is presented with only the information you need to excel in the areas that matter.

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