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Heart Rate & GPS in Lacrosse

What happens during a lacrosse game? How far do players run? How many times do they sprint? Or how much distance do they cover running at high speeds? What about the average heart rate and how much time do they spend in various heart rate zones? In essence, what are...

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Cobras Touch Football Using SPT to Drive Player Performance

Touch Football has over 680,000 participants yearly and is one of Australia’s most consistent growth sports. Originally developed as a training activity for various football codes and to keep athletes’ fitness in the off season, the sport is now officially recognised and is played in over 50 countries around the...

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2019 Research on GPS & Training Load: 5 Key Papers

GPS and training load continue to be a hot topic in sport science with the number of research papers keeping pace with its widespread use in team sports. The major search engine PUBMED identified 111 papers published in 2019 using the key words “GPS and athletes’ – and ‘training load...

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Weber State University Taking Advantage of SPT Technology

Located in Ogden, Utah, north of Salt Lake City, Weber State University Women’s Soccer is an NCAA mid-major program committed in providing its players with the best tools to help fulfil their potential. Weber State Hall of Famer, Meagan Thunell took over the Head Coach position in Summer 2019. A standout player for...

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