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SPT Tracks Top Lacrosse Players

SPT were on hand during the Team USA Fall Classic at the US Lacrosse Headquarters in Sparks, Maryland to track, measure and compare the country's top athletes. The action packed event was the first major event that the US Men’s and Women’s National Teams were able to utilise the SPT2 GPS Trackers...

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Small Sided Games for Sport Specific Conditioning

Small sided games (SSG) and designer games are used to optimise the transfer of both tactical and technical skill learning from practice to game day performance. In 7vs7 or 5vs5 scenarios, the reduced amount of players and smaller playing area means players get more touches of the ball and must...

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Lower Body Strength and Athletic Performance

“The legs feed the wolf.” A strong and powerful lower body is vital for athletic performance. The lower body is the base for running, jumping, changing directions and it also serves as the engine in the kinetic chain as it generates the power that is transferred for upper body movements. ...

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