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Streamlining Analysis Workflow with GameTraka 4 Sidebar Controls

GameTraka SPT

GameTraka 4 boasts a significant number of features designed to make the user experience both efficient and engaging. A key component of the revamped feature list comes simple, guided controls aimed to help the user navigate, filter and select information that is part of their analysis.

GameTraka by SPT

Quick Navigation:

Home | Timeline | Settings. With efficiency and mobile in mind, the sidebar controls are headed up by these 3 icons.  

Team Selection:

If you manage or play in multiple teams, you can quickly toggle between teams by selecting the team dropdown list at the top of your sidebar control.

Duration Filter:

Built into the updated sidebar controls is a timeline duration selector. You can now decide on whether you want to view data for 3, 5 or 12 week periods. Once a duration has been selected, data will be displayed from your last uploaded event.

Event Filters:

When you create events in GameTraka, you are now asked to input event type, event result and event duration. This information can then be used to explore GPS data. An added bonus with the new visual elements of the platform is that events will now be coloured by event type selected.  

There are a range of ways event data can be filtered. For example, you can find out how many wins vs losses your team has at opposition venues.  

Athlete Positional Filter:

GameTraka 4 now features positional filtering. By using the positional filter, reports can be built and information can be presented specific to athlete groups within single events or across multiple events.

Ensure that you are labelling your athlete positions correctly and consistently across your squad. Check out our support page that explains how to do this

Event & Athlete Toggles:

The advanced interface was built with efficiency in mind. With this comes fast toggle controls to cycle through team events, athletes and athletes within events. These also work great on mobile too.  

Segment Filters:

Across multiple events or within single events, you can now toggle on/off specific segments of interest. Segment filtering has been drastically improved and can now be used for short term reporting or long term analysis.  

Event Tags:

Your analysis journey does not end at event and segment filters. A more powerful and flexible tags filtering system is now in place. Standard event tags such as weather conditions, opposition tactics and training types can now all be used to filter events.  

Print & Export Functions:

The ability to share and engage athletes and coaching staff is an important characteristic of the GameTraka platform. Quick functions to print reports (any view you build is instantly printable) and export to CSV are now easier than ever.  


Click here to learn more and watch these sidebar controls in action.