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Used in over 100 countries and in 11 langauges, SPT provides professional sports performance  data that helps teams and players around the world reach success and beat their performance goals. 

The Coburg Football Club have found the SPT product and associated programs to be a great asset to our club's High Performance program. The simplicity of the product provides great ease of use for our developing staff and players.
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Football GPS Tracker
Sebastian Spagnuolo
General Manager
Coburg Football Club

Using SPT GPS units has given us a huge advantage on our competition and they have played a big role in having our players ready to go this season.

The units have enabled us to train to a plan and not overwork or underwork certain players. The players are interested to know their key metric information and are always looking to train harder to achieve the teams ultimate goal in winning a premiership.

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footy gps tracker
Luke Tapscott
Head Coach
Sorrento Football Club

Working with SPT throughout the recent pre-season has been a fantastic way to help our players stay fit and return healthy from injury. The GPS units create a competitive edge and help all the players train with a competitive mindset.

The SPT team are happy to guide you in the right direction to assure players are training the right way. We look forward to increasing the number of trackers and hope to have every player tracked on game day when we return.

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football gps tracker
Paul Johnson
Football Manager
Balwyn Football Club

Having the SPT units has driven data led analysis of our programming. The Chronic/Acute work Ratio is measured and assessed in ways that was simply not possible without the units.

SPT deliver simple and easy to use hardware and software. I have been able to pass the reporting tasks on to Club Interns with limited experience and they have found the product straightforward to use. Time and cost effective.

SPT is driving our athletes to strive for productivity each and every minute of training. The shift in their work ethic has been pleasing.

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Sonia De Rose - High Performance Manager - Sandringham Dragons
Sonia De Rose
High Performance Manager
Sandringham Dragons

Keeping our players fit, healthy and prepared for game day is obviously our primary goal. The ability to monitor the intensity and volume of player training/playing loads can only help optimise team and player performance.

As an organisation, GPS monitoring is new to us, and it’s still early days but so far it’s all been positive. SPT is providing us with an effective and simple basis for doing this. Set up is simple and the software is easy to use with the Game Day real time monitoring, via Bluetooth and the GameTraka App, already proving to be a great player management tool for us.

Within the player group it has provided a means of inter-player competition and individual accountability. The metrics SPT gives us are simple to understand and are easily communicated both to the Players and the Coaching Staff. Thanks to SPT we’re looking forward to an INFORMED FUTURE.

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afl GPS tracker
Simon Hikaka
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Old Brighton Football Club

The SPT GPS units have been a valuable addition to the high performance program at the Northern Blues Football Club. The data attained from the GPS enable us to monitor training and match workloads for individuals within our playing group which help with decisions around player preparation and recovery.

The GameTraka software has proved to be beneficial during sessions to look at live data and make adjustments as necessary based on actual loads. Additionally, the players can make their own account and access their numbers as soon as data is uploaded, which gives them feedback on their physical performance.

The VSS platform gives a comprehensive analysis of the distances and speeds from each session and allows us to produce a customised report to be presented to coaches and players.

Overall, the SPT product is pivotal to our player monitoring and management.

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Northern Blues Football Club GPS tracking review
Josh Kleeberg
Sport Scientist
Northern Blues Football Club