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Used in over 100 countries and in 11 langauges, SPT provides professional sports performance  data that helps teams and players around the world reach success and beat their performance goals. 

SPT has made a significant difference in re-shaping Indiana Men's Rugby training from the very first training the technology was introduced.

Not only are our coaches more informed, but our players have a better understanding of what they can/need to do on their own to best prepare for upcoming seasons or competitions. They are following their own progress and asking questions frequently about what certain numbers mean or how to improve key metrics within their performance.

Right now, SPT and its data is an ace up our sleeve that, I believe, is giving us an advantage over our competition. In addition, the SPT staff have been extremely supportive in providing help when asked while making sure our experience and operation is going above and beyond our expectations.

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Rugby GPS system
Justin Goonan
Head of Athlete Performance
Indiana University Rugby

We have thoroughly enjoyed using SPT, the data we collect has helped us tremendously on the pitch, our athletes love the feedback they receive and they have seen the value in having such technology at their fingertips.

We really enjoy the functionality of the units and the GameTraka software. It's easy to interpret and we have found it invaluable for tracking certain metrics that we like to keep an eye on.

We recommend SPT to any sports program looking to take their game to the next level.

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rugby gps tracker
Lance Hohaia
Head Coach
Davenport University Rugby

We used the SPT system from the beginning of the season, tracking training and games. When we compared stats at the start of the year to the end of the year we saw an improvement in every player.

We were undefeated throughout the season and half of the squad were picked up for NPL teams next season. We found that the live data on the GameTraka app really helped us during games to sub the right players on at the right time and know when a player is lacking effort.

Overall the SPT system has worked perfectly for us all season.

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Soccer GPS
Darin Compt
Head Coach
Bundoora FC

I use SPT GPS because the national team is uses a GPS system and I want to still have access to my performance data in my personal training period so I can check and compare the data to see if I train enough.

This season I played in the Australian league for Southern United Hockey Club in Melbourne. Here I was hoping to compare energy consumption and fitness level with that of my time in Japan.

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hockey gps
Manabu Yamashita
Japan Hockey

It’s now the second year we're using SPT technology for our men’s team at Indiana Hockey as well as for an elite youth team. We use several metrics to compare the physical intensity during games and this also lets us tune the physical training sessions. It also provides position specific information of the load on the athletes.

Moreover, for the sports injury prevention specialist, it provides important data that we correlate with the other metrics we collect. It’s an easy way to collect objective data and discuss this with the coaches and athletes. Athletes are excited to have direct feedback on their personal performance in a team sport such as field hockey.

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Dr Damien Van Tiggelen - Strength, Conditioning & Injury Prevention Coach - Indiana Hockey Belgium
Dr Damien Van Tiggelen
Strength, Conditioning & Injury Prevention Coach
Indiana Hockey Belgium

I think for us the SPTGPS is one of the best investments we have made in taking sport in Trinidad and Tobago to the next level, the metrics derived from the devices play an important part in getting our team to international standards physically.

SPT functionality online allowing us to measure athletes in the same position with metrics is phenomenal during practice and games. For us to track performance of each athlete and reduce the risk of injury also adds value to the product.

The heat map, individual hard running and distance traveled allows us to match our training program to actual game metrics to ensure we maintain the intensities necessary to perform at the high level. SPTGPS is perfect considering the price.

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hockey GPS tracker
Anthony Marcano
Head Coach
Trinidad & Tobago Hockey