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A game changing system

With powerful metrics usually interpreted by highly qualified sports scientists, GameTraka presents these metrics in a simple, user-friendly interface. Coaches and players have in-depth analysis of their performances which they can then use to tailor and manage future performances.

  • GPS Statistics

    Personal Statistics

    Beat your best and see your progress over a season

  • Timeline Graphs

    Event Timelines

    Have constant access to all your recorded performances

  • Social Media Sharing SPT GPS

    Social Sharing

    Share your performances with teammates and friends

  • Bluetooth Data SPT GPS


    Bluetooth Low Energy technology for real-time data


With SPT technology, users can work with data to optimise their training and step ahead of the competition. Designed, built and customised to handle the rigors of contact activity, SPT allows athletes to train and play smarter. 


SPT2 Sports GPS Tracker
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GameTraka is SPT’s analysis software. With inbuilt algoriths and database infrastructure, the application can break down anyone’s performance on all devices. For users that truly want to master the power of GameTraka, GameTraka Premium unlocks a new level of performance.


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GameTraka Premium

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GameTraka is now on the app store and it's made sports tracking even simpler. With seamless integration from your SPT GPS device, you can now manage teams, compare players and watch your stats as they play out on the field with Bluetooth Live Data.  


GameTraka’s sport specific metrics are designed to provide an overall view of physical output from both a team and an individual perspective. Manage training load, increase competition between players, work with the data to optimise training and step ahead of the competition.

  • Total Distance Metric SPT GPS
    Total Distance
    Distance travelled during a performance
  • Zone Running Metric SPT GPS
    Zone Running
    Distance travelled in the particular speed zones
  • Top Speed Metric SPT GPS
    Top Speed
    Highest velocity reached in the performance
  • Heat Map SPT GPS
    Heat Map
    Visual representation of time spent in particular areas of the field
  • Hard Running Metric SPT GPS
    Hard Running
    Distance travelled at a velocity of 4.5m/s or greater
  • Sprint Efforts Metric SPT GPS
    Sprint Efforts
    Number of times speed was above 4.5m/s for longer than 1 second
  • Impacts Metric SPT GPS
    Impacts of 5G or more sustained by the player during the performance
  • Player Comparison Reports SPT GPS
    Player Comparison
    Compare the performances of two players in the same event
  • Measure Work Rate SPT GPS
    Work Rate
    Total distance travelled relative to the performance time
  • Performance Intervals SPT GPS
    Break up performance to understand players consistent effort during the performance
  • Player Intensity SPT GPS
    Measure frequency, magnitude and length of high velocity movements during the performance
  • Team Management SPT GPS
    Team Management
    Team data allows coaches to get the most out of training sessions