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Gametraka Live Demo - Sports Performance Tracking

Gametraka Live Demo.

Want to familiarise yourself with the updated Gametraka software? You now can with our new live demo!

Our in-house tech team has worked tirelessly to deliver you a very professional yet simple Gametraka platform. With updated metrics, you are now able to take your performance analysis to the next level.

Managers and team admins can now get excited about managing more than one team, segmenting multiple performances at once and comparing current and previous events. We would also like to introduce you to our new SPT teams. Joining the SPT Beasts (AFL) we have the SPT Rebels (Rugby) and the SPT Wanderers FC (Football/Soccer). No matter what sport you play, we have you covered to see the possibilities of affordable GPS technology at your fingertips.

At SPT we pride ourselves on delivering a powerful, simple and affordable product. Our SPT2 device combined with our updated Gametraka software is a game-changer for all athletes of all abilities and ages. Clubs and athletes in over 90 countries have reaped the benefits of our current platform and now you can too. Our dashboard has gone through a brief touch up with the visual aspect remaining fairly constant. However, a new background and a shift of your top performances to the left hand-side contribute to a professional and simple look.

You will now see a tab underneath your profile picture, if you click on this you will be presented with the option to view your team performances or your personal performances. Once you click on a performance you will be presented with numerous metrics and information about your performance. To have a clearer understanding of what each metric means, hover your mouse over it for a description. You will be happy to see some new metrics there that the SPT2 is capable of measuring.

Another feature we have added to Gametraka are the speed breakdowns on the heatmap. You will see a tab to the top-right of the map. You will be presented with walk, jog, run and sprints in the left-hand column. If you click on one of them you will be able to see where you performed this speed on the heatmap.

As a company always willing to improve and provide you with the best possible product and service, we would love to know your feedback and any suggestions you may have.

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See our updated live demo HERE