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Coach’s Guide to Recovery and Wellness Surveys

As coaches, we focus on making training programs and practices to ensure that our athletes are in peak condition to perform successfully during competition. And, we often like to push the boundaries of our athlete’s level of physical capacities. But in doing so, are the athletes ready for the next...

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SPT Discusses Athlete Management with Teambuildr

Our Lead Sports Scientist, Ben Sharpe, teamed up with the guys at Teambuildr to explore the advantages provided to strength & conditioning coaches when utilizing and combining the sports GPS data of SPT with the Teambuildr software. Ben specialises in the development and implantation of holistic athletic development programs with...

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Using GPS in Lacrosse

Lacrosse continues to make its mark on the American sports landscape as one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. Since 2001, the number of players has increased 225% from just over 250,000 to about 825,000 including 210,217 high schoolers (113,313 boys, 96,904 girls). And who wouldn’t want...

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How GPS Works In American Football

To a sport scientist, a football game is comprised of a series of repeated short duration (4-6 second) but high-intensity efforts with a typical recovery time between plays of 25 to 40 seconds. Understanding the average time per play, average rest between plays, number of plays per series, rest time...

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