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The Importance of Preseason

Football preseason training plan

Our e-book, Preseason Training Plan, provides athletes with a weekly schedule and training drills to guide them on how best to physically condition themselves for the demands of the season ahead.

Team based field sports require athletes to undertake large internal and external loads such as running at high speeds. For athletes to appropriately prepare for long seasons, sometimes up to 6 months, it is important to have a strong foundation in order to tolerate the high loads placed on the body throughout the year.

The beginnings of the foundation are built in preseason. Athletes should undertake loads that exceed what they would do within a season in order to prepare for worst case scenario event and ensure they can achieve optimal performance.

Athletes who successfully undertake high volumes of preseason training reduce the likelihood of injury in season.

Want to download the full preseason plan? Click here to download the e-book.