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Features of the New SPT Unit

SPT GPS Tracker features


This will enable you to get REAL-TIME data during a performance on your mobile phone (iOS or Android) with our new GameTraka mobile app.

Coaches, parents and/or spectators will be able to view key metrics (session length, the distance covered, Zone 6 distances, sprint counts and impact counts) throughout the match. When the SPT device is within a certain distance, you will be able to scan for the device and see the results.


The new device contains a magnetometer and a gyroscope. The magnetometer detects the Earth’s magnetic field, and the gyroscope detects the orientation of the device when worn on a player’s back (which way up the device is).

Using sensor fusion SPT will use this data along with the accelerometer to get precise readings of accelerations and the direction you’re running, letting us get better statistics (like maximal accelerations and sprint calculations) about your performance, as well as helping SPT improve our GPS accuracy even further.


This exciting new feature will help you as an athlete, measure your acceleration and deceleration forces. This feature will help you better understand the forces your body was put through during your performance.

Any tackles, bumps and hits will now be recorded at 100 times a second and added to Gametraka to further enhance your SPT experience.


A Gametraka app will be released with the new unit. The Gametraka app will allow you to connect your smartphone/tablet to your device for real-time data via Bluetooth. You will also be able to view your performances and team profiles like you would on your computer.

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