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Making the Most Out of SPT GPS For Your Sport

Get the most out of your team with SPT GPS Trackers

While it’s great to get your hands on piece of tech that gives you a full analysis of your games and training sessions, there’s more to using SPT GPS than merely looking at your GameTraka dashboard and seeing whether you ran further than you did in your last performance.

When we put the the SPT GPS platform together, we made sure to simplify it down to the metrics and features that would be most useful (and valid!) for a range of outdoor team sports. But how can you get the most out of it for your team and your needs? Keep reading to get an idea of what key things to look out for when you’re on your home turf.

Football (Soccer)

What to track: Work Rate, Peak Velocity, Hard Running, Sprint Distance and Sprint Efforts

How to track for specific positions: Sprint Efforts (Attackers), Total Distance (Midfielders)

GPS tip: Modify small sided games to mimic match intensities. Use Work Rate as your guide.


What to track: Impacts, Sprint Distance, Top Speed

How to track for specific positions: Sprint Efforts and Sprint Distance (Wings), Impacts (Lock and Hookers)

GPS tip: Assess the different needs of each position on the field. Ensure you are training the appropriate systems for each athlete, depending on their position and playing style.


What to track: Total Distance, Work Rate, Hard Running, Sprint Distance

How to track for specific positions: Work Rate (Defenders), Sprint Efforts (Attackers)

GPS tip: Design training drills around the most intense periods of matches (for example, the most demanding 5 minute period of the second half)

Don’t stress if you’re still no data analytics expert….our in-house Sports Science Lab are available for a chat and can answer all your GPS and Sports Science related questions. If your sport’s not listed above or if you’d like to take a deeper dive into the metrics, simply get in touch with our Sports Science Hotline and reach out to Ben on +613 9415 7466 or