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Sports Performance Tracking’s SPT2 Gets FIFA-approval

Sports Performance Tracking’s SPT2 Gets FIFA-approval

Sports Performance Tracking’s award winning SPT2 GPS device has received approval for in-game use by FIFA according to the federation’s International Match Standard (IMS) for Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS).

In order to meet FIFA’s requirements for in-game use, the SPT2 GPS device passed extensive testing which covered player safety, performance, durability, quality assurance and playing comfort. As part of the FIFA approval, the SPT2 has also received certification from the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) that the technology meets industry manufacturing standards

With SPT’s products already being used in over 100 countries across 6 continents, FIFA approval enables SPT’s simple and accessible solution to athlete monitoring to be used by teams in FIFA governed competitive games.

With its focus of making elite level wearables accessible to semi-professional and aspiring sporting teams, FIFA approval is an important requirement of its customers who are becoming more professional in the way they analyse and manage the performance of their players.  

“Getting FIFA approval is a huge step for SPT. We’re extremely proud to be able to provide affordable technology that also meets International Standards to schools, colleges, amateur and semi-professional teams all over the world. It is great to have this recognition from FIFA”, says SPT COO Steven Bladeni.

The certification is very timely as SPT continues its rapid expansion into the US market and also launches a new Integrated Heart Rate Vest allowing teams to measure the internal load of athletes. Moving forward, the SPT2 and new generation technologies will bear FIFA’s IMS logo to denote that it is approved for use in competition.

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