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The VAFA Study: How Divisions Compared

Do athletes in the high-level divisions really stand out against those in lower divisions? The Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) is home to former Australian Football League (AFL) athletes, semi-professional local competitors and footballers who play for fun and leisure. With such a diverse participation base, it’s expected to see...

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Why It’s Not Enough to Go the Distance

If you can’t outrun them, outsmart them Players who cover the most ground aren’t necessarily the hardest-working members of a team. Let’s use soccer as an example. A lousy midfielder may run a fair distance and look busy across a field. But that doesn’t mean their efforts are being used...

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The Need for Speed

The Need for Speed: shortcuts to increase your maximum velocity, sprint efforts and high-speed running By Damian Kovacevic, Sports Performance Tracking What you need to know: In almost every sport, speed is king. Sled pulls, prowler pushes, banded running and hill sprints can improve our running technique and provide us...

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The Ultimate Game Day Preparation Secret!

The ultimate gameday preparation secret! By Michael Chiovitti – Sport Scientist at Sports Performance Tracking Olympic level athletes, world champion boxers, AFL footballers, A-League stars… In an era where every developing athlete (and coach) is looking to ‘borrow’ the training routines and habits from sports high-achievers, I regularly get asked...

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Live Demo Update

Gametraka Live Demo. Want to familiarise yourself with the updated Gametraka software? You now can with our new live demo! Our in-house tech team has worked tirelessly to deliver you a very professional yet simple Gametraka platform. With updated metrics, you are now able to take your performance analysis to...

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