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Getting the Most Out of Your GPS Tracker During Pre-Season

Using GPS Tracking in the Pre-Season - Sports Performance Tracking

Pre-season preparation is a vital part in a successful season. A focused pre season readies a player to achieve strong performances from their first game on wards.

GPS tracking is an excellent aid when it comes to ensuring an effective pre season and it is a useful way to assess training outcomes. Coaches are able to track and analyse a number of important metrics such as how many sprint efforts a player is achieving each training session. This analysis of data aids with the prescription of aerobic based conditioning. By looking at the performance reports of training outcomes, coaches can progressively complete more running volumes each week to push their players to reach their potential.

The segmenting tool used through GameTraka assists in assessing likely outcomes for each drill. For example, a drill with low intensity is likely one that involves developing team structures and skills compared to a high intensity drill.

Another great reason to use GPS tracking is so coaches can assess weekly and monthly loading for individual athletes as well as for the team as a whole.

Having performance metrics to utilise gives players personal targets to beat each week as well as a way for coaches to keep on top of their players outputs and training loads.

An effective pre-season starts with SPT’s GPS.

Stop guessing and start measuring today.