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Swan Hill College Using SPT in the Classroom

Using GPS in schools - Sports Performance Tracking

We are starting to see many colleges and schools invest in our GPS technology for multiple reasons. One being that coaches and sport staff want to monitor the workloads of their student athletes during matches and training. These students are confronted with various amounts of physical demands, sometimes these demands prove too much for younger athletes resulting in an injury or decrease in performance. Coaches and staff can now use SPT’s Gametraka platform to identify any performances or trainings which may lead to an injury.

By determining this information and identifying any outliers in regards to performance workload, coaches can change their training regime to accommodate how the athletes have performed.

Schools and colleges are also using SPT in their physical education and sport science classes. Student’s are required to make links to a performance they have undertaken with fitness components and energy systems. The Gametraka platform provides students with an easy understanding of how they performed in a match or training. From this data they have gathered, they can create training p that replicate the performances. We recently spoke to Whitney Kennedy of Swan Hill College about how their students are using SPT GPS technology. Read below:

Our school have recently purchased SPT GPS devices to use within our Physical Education/Health Department. Our students and staff have thoroughly enjoyed using 21st century technology to gain feedback and information, similar to that of professional athletes. Students are motivated to compare their data from previous performances, against other students, and to that of what a professional athlete may achieve. The devices have become a key component of our senior practical lessons, where students have applied results to make links to theory topics and content such as energy systems, fitness (training methods), concepts of physical activity, methods of assessing physical activity, movement analysis and feedback, as well as many others.

We are constantly challenging ourselves and our students to remain up to date with current trends and concepts in order to improve performance and outcomes within our training and sport. SPT GPS devices greatly support this challenge.

Whitney Kennedy

Physical Education and Health Learning Leader

Swan Hill College