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A Look Into Training Load Management

The current sports science buzz term is ‘training load’. An easy way to think about the concept of training load is to consider a common question or discussion point amongst coaches and athletes – ‘how hard was practice’? And you’ve surely heard “Practice was easy today. Just wait ‘til tomorrow”....

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Using SPT GPS: Understanding the Metrics

If you are familiar with GPS technology for team sports, you know that it provides lots of data and metrics (if you need a quick refresher click here). Understanding the variables is the first step in using GPS technology. In this blog, each of the running and performance metrics provided...

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What Is GPS Technology?

GPS has become part of our everyday life. We jump in our car, type in the address to the destination and follow the directions. You can thank the U.S. military for not getting you lost. And your tax dollars helped develop the satellite-based radio navigation system or what we call...

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SPT Enters The USA

Over the past few years, SPT has grown rapidly and now has customers in over 100 countries worldwide. With that said, we have always wanted to enter the USA market but needed to make sure the timing was right, just as as Daniel Pink has taught us in his work...

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The Pararoos Are Changing The Game

Recently SPT caught up with Benny Roche, Vice Captain of the Pararoos. Benny was born with Cerebral Palsy and joined the Pararoos when he was 11. Ben is incredibly passionate about the Pararoos and the importance of continuing programs for disability footballers. Keep reading to find out more about the...

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